Spatial Data Infrastructure of Republika Srpska
The term spatial data infrastructure (Spatial Data Infrastructure - SDI) is used to denote the basic set of technologies, policies and institutional arrangements to facilitate the availability and access to spatial data, and therefore the data from the cadastre. SDIRS defines the basis for finding and assessment of spatial data, and applications for all users and suppliers of data at all levels of government, commercial sector, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions and the general public.

The goal of spatial data infrastructure is to treat the production, management, distribution and use of spatial data (data of spatial elements on the geometry, thematic content and ownership) as well as infrastructure (roads, telecommunication links, etc.). Infrastructure is defined as the foundation or basic framework (systems, organization ...) and the basic structural foundation of the company or organization to which other components are based on. It is a public resource. Since the spatial data is a very important resource in jurisdictions of Government, which is based on the realization of such systems, it is necessary to create an environment that will facilitate all aspects of activities related to this kind of information.

SDIRS encompasses much more than just a data set or database. SDIRS contains spatial data and associated attributes, which include proprietary information, required documentation about the data (metadata), best ways to find, visualize and evaluate data (catalogs and Web mapping), and specific methods for accessing spatial data. Besides, there should be other services and applications that need to support the use of data. To be fully functional SDI must be supplemented by organizational arrangements necessary for its coordination and administration at the local, national and international level. SDI concepts do not include descriptions of the basic sets of data or applications developed on them, but provide an ideal environment for connecting the applications to the data. These concepts influence the creation of data sets and construction of the applications through the appropriate minimum set of standards and policies.
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Geoportal is a target place to display, view, edit and search geospatial data. Geoportal application of the Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs was created in a way that allows the presentation, distribution and collection of distributed data from the jurisdiction of the Board through services and applications on one side, and to ensure interoperability with data from other institutions of the Republic Srpska on the other side, which in accordance with the INSPIRE Directive and other international standards in this area.

e-Cadastre is an application for the displaying of the cadastral data through the Internet (Geoportal of Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs of the Republic of Srpska).
All information presented on this site are unofficial and can not be used for any personal or business related needs or purposes.

The network of permanent GPS / GNSS stations of the Republic of Srpska is a satellite positioning service under the jurisdiction of the Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs of the Republic of Srpska.

Web Shop
Web Store is an application which enables clients to purchase products via the Internet. The application allows the selection and purchase of the data which are in responsibility of the Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs of the Republic of Srpska.

Objects Catalog
Objects catalog serves as a content for different types of objects or classes which can be found on the Geoportal. Within the catalog, search and access can be done to the data that is held by the Republican Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs.

Metadata catalog
Metadata catalog is a web application whose main purpose is to view and create metadata in line with the INSPIRE Directive (2007/2/EC) and INSPIRE Metadata Regulation (1205/2008). Metadata catalog provides a description of a set of spatial data or spatial service in accordance with ISO 19115:2003 and ISO 19119:2005 iii.
Portal eSrpska

Portal eSrpska is a project of the RS Government and the Agency for Information Society and it is intended to be a place where users of government services would be able to find accurate and reliable information using the Internet as a mean of communication. The aim is to ensure that portal is tailored to users' needs by its functionality and content.
Government of Republika Srpska

Government Portal of the Republic of Srpska allows quick and extensive information for citizens on government projects, its activities and achievements. It was created as a result of efforts of the Government of the RS to achieve a higher technological level of communication with citizens and other institutions appropriate for present time.
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